How we got started.

Folly Finders Map was founded in 2016 by local islanders, who had previous experience designing and marketing the tourist map for Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, and Mount Pleasant, in conjunction with Lucky Dog Publishing and the Island Eye Newspaper.

With a new project like this, one never knows if the business community will support it, but we had a rousing response from the get go, with everyone saying they've needed a map like this for a long time.

In response to the lack of a fun, souvenir map for the Folly and James Island area, we created a design that we feel, lives up the colorful and funky vibe that is the Folly Beach area. We change the design slighlty each year to keep it fresh.

Our map is distributed via many of our sponsoring businesses, including The Tides, Waters Edge Inn, Regatta Inn, Wyndham Avocet Properties, rentals, Follys Best Rentals, Beachside Boutique, Berts Grocery, The Folly Pier souvenir store, Fred Holland Realty, Flipper Finders, Folly Beach Adventures, Center St Coffee, Charleston Golf Cart Rentals, the City of Folly, James Island Town Hall, The Mount Pleasant Visitors Center, Muddy Waters Coffee, The Holiday Inn Riverview, Crosbys Seafood, Paisanos Pizza, the Grumpy Goat Cantina. Several vacation rental companies give them out with each and every reservation throughout the year.

Our distribution this year in print was 15,000.

While we felt it was still a great bargain for the print value alone, we have been working on improving the website experience in the last year for added value.

Last year, we had over 7500 unique visitors to our website at, and anticipate higher numbers this year with our google optimization crew working on our site now.

Additionally, our Instagram page @follyfinders highlights our map sponsors throughout the entire year, liking their posts, featuring them in posts and sharing their stories on our page.

What makes us happiest is to see Folly visitors putting down their phone, and finding their way around with our maps in hand. We also love all the wonderful comments we get from the vacation rental companies who say their guests love the map and take them home as souvenirs and hang them on their walls.